MacOS 10.15 Catalina Update for University Owned Macs monitoring, 10/15/2019 03:25PM EDT Desktop Computing

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10/15/2019 03:25PM EDT
Update: Added Cisco AnyConnect VPN client

With MacOs 10.15 or Catalina, Apple is no longer supporting 32 bit apps. As such, its is quite possible that some of the applications installed on your Mac will not work after the upgrade, and the software may have to be re-purchased at a significant cost in order to obtain a version that is compatible. Therefore, IT Services is asking faculty and staff members with a university provided Mac computer to not update their Mac to Catalina at this time.

Faculty and students who use their own Macs should also be wary of this change and understand the ramifications of upgrading their computers. A useful article can be found here.

Specific university applications we know to be impacted are...
More applications will be added as discovered.

IT Services will be working to provide upgrade recommendations regarding these 32 bit applications in the future.