Unable to login to Egnyte. resolved, 04/16/2019 07:38AM EDT Egnyte

Notification history

04/16/2019 07:38AM EDT
This issue has been resolved.
04/15/2019 04:42PM EDT
Egnyte reports, and we have confirmed, that the issue appears to be resolved.
We'll continue to monitor this through the evening to be sure.
04/15/2019 03:08PM EDT
Egnyte is experiencing an issue with its web logon. Currently personnel are not able to login to the web interface. The Desktop Connect client does not appear to be impacted so if you have in installed you should still be able to access files through File Manager (PC) or Finder (Mac)

From Egnyte...
"We are experiencing an issue with our WebUI service in the US-East Coast and are investigating the problem — we will provide you an update in next 30 minutes."