Windows 7 computers hang while updating. resolved, 04/17/2019 09:57AM EDT Desktop Computing

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04/17/2019 09:57AM EDT
IT Services has worked with many clients over the last week to resolve this issue on their computers. We believe that the bulk of these have been remediated and now that Microsoft has revoked the problematic update, additional occurrences should be minimal and decreasing. Please report any additional instances to the helpdesk as usual. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this Windows Update issue.
04/10/2019 08:17PM EDT
This issue was caused by a conflict between recent updates released by Microsoft for Windows 7 and Sophos Antivirus application. It has affected many organizations today. While we have disabled these specific updates, your Windows 7 computer could still hang while updating if the update was downloaded prior to our disabling it.
if this occurs on a university owned computer, please contact the Help Desk so that we can roll back the update. Again, for us, this only affects Windows 7 computers with Sophos Antivirus. We helped multiple clients with this issue today. If you were impacted, we thank you for your patience.
04/10/2019 09:53AM EDT
A security update was released by Microsoft yesterday that is causing widespread issues with some Windows 7 computers. Some Windows 7 computers may hang while applying the update. If you have a Windows 7 computer and it hangs for more than 10 minutes while applying updates, please contact the help desk 910-893-1208 or The update has been disabled by IT Services on university managed computers to minimize the impact.